10  At-Home Strength Workouts for Women To Lose Weight

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, lower into a squat position, keeping your back straight and chest up.

Bodyweight Squats:

Start in a plank position with hands shoulder-width apart. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor, then push back up.


Push through your front heel to return to the starting position. Alternate legs. Aim for 3 sets of 10-12 reps per leg.

Dumbbell Lunges:

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, hinge at the hips with a flat back. Pull the weights up toward your ribcage, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Dumbbell Rows:

Start in a forearm plank position, keeping your body in a straight line from head to heels. Hold for 30-60 seconds, engaging your core and glutes.


Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips toward the ceiling, squeezing your glutes at the top, then lower back down.

Glute Bridges

Sit on the floor with knees bent and feet lifted off the ground. Hold a weight or medicine ball with both hands and twist your torso from side to side.

Russian Twists:

Hold a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height, palms facing forward. Press the weights overhead until arms are fully extended, then lower back down.

Shoulder Press:

Continue alternating legs as if you're running in place. Aim for 3 sets of 30-45 seconds.

Mountain Climbers:

Begin in a standing position, then squat down and place your hands on the floor. Jump your feet back into a plank position, perform a push-up, then jump.