10 Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles That Are Timelessly Chic



Tiffany's Updo: Perhaps her most famous hairstyle, this updo is characterized by a sleek bun or chignon with a neat, center-parted fringe.


Pixie Cut: Audrey Hepburn famously rocked a short pixie cut in the film "Roman Holiday," showcasing her delicate features and effortless charm.


French Twist: Audrey often wore a sophisticated French twist, which is a classic updo characterized by twisting the hair upwards and securing it at the nape of the neck.


Ponytail: Audrey's ponytails were always impeccably styled, often with a slight bouffant at the crown for added volume and sophistication.


Swept Curls: This hairstyle features soft, romantic curls swept to one side, framing the face in a flattering and elegant manner.


Bouffant: Audrey Hepburn frequently sported a half-up hairstyle with a subtle bouffant at the crown, adding height and glamour to her look.


Back Bun: Audrey effortlessly pulled off the slicked-back bun, achieving a polished and refined appearance perfect for formal occasions.


Wispy Bangs: Audrey's wispy bangs added a touch of softness to her hairstyles, framing her face delicately and complementing her features.


The Tousled Bob: In "Sabrina," Audrey sported a tousled bob with natural waves, exuding a youthful and carefree vibe.


Headscarf Chic: Audrey Hepburn often accessorized her hairstyles with a stylish headscarf, tying it around her head and adding a pop of color or pattern to her look.