10 Behaviors That Make You Seem Less Confident

Poor Posture:

Slouching, crossing arms, or avoiding eye contact can convey insecurity.

Excessive Fidgeting:

Constantly playing with hair, tapping fingers, or shifting weight may suggest nervousness.

Lack of Eye Contact:

Avoiding eye contact can be interpreted as a lack of confidence or trustworthiness.


Difficulty making decisions or constant hesitation can be seen as a lack of confidence.


Constantly saying sorry, even when not necessary, may undermine your confidence.

Negative Body Language:

Crossing arms, avoiding open gestures, or turning away can signal insecurity.

Weak Handshake:

A limp or overly aggressive handshake may convey uncertainty or nervousness.

Speaking Softly:

A low or unclear voice can make you appear less confident. Ensure you speak audibly.

Overuse of Fillers:

Excessive use of words like "um," "uh," or "like" can make you seem unsure.

Overly Self-Deprecating:

Constantly downplaying your abilities or achievements may project low confidence.

Open Hands

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