9 Best Fine Hair Easy Voluminous Hairstyles for women 50


Create a full-bodied blowout with a round brush and hairdryer.

Textured Pixie: 

A short, textured pixie cut is easy to style and gives the idea of thickness.

Half-Up Ponytail: 

Draw your upper half into a ponytail for a simple but voluminous appearance.

Messy Bun: 

Teasing the crown before tying your hair creates a sloppy bun.

Waves of volume: 

Make loose waves with a large-barrel curling iron for volume.

Crown Braid: 

For a majestic, voluminous look, braid your crown.

Floating Market

Experience the unique floating market, where all goods are sold from boats.

Low Ponytail: 

Put your hair in a low ponytail and tweak the crown for lift.

swept bangs: 

Use side-swept bangs to make your hair appear fuller.

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