10 Fast Growing Perennials That Will Fill Your Garden In A Flash

Black-Eyed Susan

Bright yellow flowers with dark centers bloom from summer to fall. Self-seeds and spreads quickly.


Purple-pink flowers attract pollinators and bloom all summer. Hardy and spreads easily.


Fragrant, gray-green foliage with spikes of blue flowers. Blooms from late spring to early fall and spreads rapidly


Cheerful yellow or pink flowers bloom from late spring to fall. Thrives in various conditions and spreads quickly.


Trumpet-shaped flowers in various colors bloom in summer. Tough, adaptable, and forms large clumps quickly.

Bee Balm

Vibrant red, pink, or purple flowers bloom in mid-to-late summer. Attracts pollinators and spreads by rhizomes.


Succulent foliage with clusters of star-shaped flowers. Thrives in poor soil and spreads rapidly.

Shasta Daisy

White daisy-like flowers with yellow centers bloom in summer. Forms large clumps quickly.

Russian Sage

Tall spikes of lavender-blue flowers bloom in late summer. Drought-tolerant and spreads quickly.

Lamb’s Ear

Silvery, fuzzy leaves with spikes of purple flowers. Forms dense mats and spreads rapidly.

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