10 Hairstyles Women Over 50 Shouldn’t Bother With



Super Long Hair: Extremely long hair can sometimes drag down the face and appear heavy, especially as hair naturally thins with age.


Severe Bangs: Blunt or heavy bangs can sometimes emphasize forehead lines or draw attention to areas of concern. Opt for softer, wispy bangs or side-swept styles.


Extreme Pixie Cuts: While pixie cuts can be stylish and low-maintenance, extremely short styles may not suit everyone's face shape or hair texture.


Harsh Colors: Extremely bold or contrasting hair colors can sometimes appear harsh against mature skin tones. Opt for softer, more natural-looking shades.


Ignoring Hair Texture: Different hair types require different styling techniques and products. Understand your hair texture and choose styling product.


Severe Middle Parts: Middle parts can sometimes emphasize facial asymmetry or highlight areas of concern. Experiment with side parts or off-center styles.


Super Sleek Styles: While sleek, straight hair can be chic, overly flat or stick-straight styles can sometimes appear severe or aging.


Overly Elaborate Updos: Extremely intricate or formal updos may not always be practical or age-appropriate for everyday wear.


Overly Trendy Styles: While it's essential to stay current with trends, overly trendy hairstyles may not always be the most flattering or timeless choice.


Overly Voluminous Styles: While volume can add dimension and lift to the hair, overly voluminous styles can sometimes appear dated or overpowering.