10 Landscaping Plants For A Lush Garden


Viburnum shrubs are resilient and adaptable plants prized for their fragrant flowers and attractive foliage.

Butterfly Bush

If you’re looking for plants that are easy to care for and attract a plethora of pollinators, go for Butterfly Bushes.

Stinging Nettle

From the plump-cheeked Echeveria to the spikey-cool Haworthia, succulents stand united in their defiance against overwatering

Ornamental Grasses

Plants like fountain grass and maiden grass are tough and resilient ornamental grasses that add texture and movement to your landscape.


This flowering plant will soon become a go-to variety for those who wish to attract winged beauties to their yards


Daylilies burst into bloom like fireworks in July. They are the Olympians of the garden, enduring whatever Mother Nature throws their way with a champion’s grace.

Russian Sage

With stunning blue flowers, Russian Sage is a versatile perennial plant that is useful as a filler in a mixed border or hedging.


Yucca laughs in the face of drought, thriving in the harshest conditions with a stoic resolve.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant or Sansevieria is easy to maintain and thrives on minimal attention, as it tolerates low-light condition


Hailing from the shadowy realms beneath towering trees, hostas are the unsung heroes of the shade

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