Spiaggia Grande: 

Colorful umbrellas, pure blue waves, and stunning cliffs define this Positano beach. It's a popular coastal beach.

Fornillo Beach: 

Fornillo Beach, a short walk from Spiaggia Grande, with fewer people and clearer waters.

Marina Grande: 

Marina Grande, Amalfi's principal beach, with colorful structures and a bustling ambiance.

Atrani Beach: 

Between rocks and colorful buildings, Atrani's beach is a secret. A peaceful alternative to surrounding packed beaches.

Furore Fjord: 

A tiny beach amid steep rocks makes Furore Fjord unusual. Swimming and snorkeling are fantastic here.

Spaggia Laurito: 

This quiet beach can be reached by boat or a difficult climb.

Croce Beach: 

Santa Croce Beach, a peaceful place with pebbled shores and lovely waves, is a short walk from Amalfi.

Duoglio Beach: 

Duoglio Beach, a quiet cove, is ideal for solitude and a more personal beach experience.

Praiano Beach: 

Each of Praiano's little beaches is unique. Marina di Praia is famed for its laid-back vibe.

Furore Beach:

Cliffs surround this beach at the bottom of a stunning fjord. Swimming and sunbathing are beautiful here.

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