10 Best Shampoos for Psoriasis



Gel Therapeutic Shampoo: This is a highly recommended option featuring Neutar, a patented coal tar extract, which helps control scalp flaking and itching.


Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Shampoo + Conditioner: Contains 3% salicylic acid and a zinc complex, which helps remove scalp build-up, eliminate itching, and soothe irritation.


MG217 Psoriasis Medicated Conditioning Shampoo: Uses maximum-strength coal tar to slow cell growth and effectively control scalp build-up.


Selsun Blue Moisturizing Dandruff Shampoo: Contains 1% selenium sulfide, which is effective for mild psoriasis. It also includes aloe to soothe and moisturize the scalp.


Nioxin Scalp Recovery Purifying Exfoliator: Made with zinc pyrithione and green tea extract, this shampoo cleanses the scalp deeply while moisturizing and exfoliating..


PsoriaTrax Anti-Dandruff Tar Shampoo: Contains 5% coal tar, which helps clear psoriatic plaque and prevent flare-ups. It's steroid-free, making it a gentler option for the scalp.


Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength Dry Scalp Rescue Shampoo: Contains selenium sulfide to relieve stubborn dandruff and psoriasis symptoms.


Medicasp Coal Tar Dandruff Shampoo: This affordable option contains 0.5% coal tar and provides immediate relief from itching and irritation.


Philip B Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo: This shampoo uses zinc pyrithione along with natural botanicals like sage and tea tree oil to calm inflammation and strengthen hair...


Yes To Tea Tree Scalp Relief Soothing Shampoo: Formulated with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, this shampoo soothes the scalp and reduces itching and irritation.