10 Must-Have Ingredients To Make Tiki Cocktails At Home

A rich and flavorful rum forms the base of many Tiki cocktails, providing depth and complexity to the drinks.

Dark Rum:

A lighter rum variety adds a smooth and versatile character to Tiki concoctions, often used in combination with dark rum.

Light Rum:

Tangy and refreshing citrus juices are essential for balancing sweetness and adding a zesty kick to Tiki drinks.

Fresh Citrus Juices:

A sweet almond syrup with a hint of orange blossom water, adding a distinct nutty and floral flavor to Tiki cocktails.

Orgeat Syrup:

A Caribbean syrup with flavors of lime, ginger, and clove, contributing a unique spiced sweetness to Tiki recipes.


A tropical staple, pineapple juice enhances the fruity and exotic notes in Tiki drinks, providing a luscious sweetness.

Pineapple Juice:

A tropical fruit puree that brings a sweet and tart flavor to Tiki cocktails, adding complexity and depth.

Passion Fruit Puree:

A sweet and red syrup made from pomegranate juice, adding a vibrant color and a touch of sweetness to Tiki drinks.


A spiced syrup that infuses cocktails with warm and aromatic notes, complementing the tropical flavors in Tiki concoctions.

Cinnamon Syrup:

A spice liqueur with flavors of allspice, used sparingly to impart a warm and clove-like aroma to Tiki drinks.

Allspice Dram:

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