10 States Where You Can Legally Live in an RV on Your Property

Texas: Known for its relaxed zoning laws in rural areas, Texas is one of the states where you can live in an RV on your own land, especially outside city limits where regulations are less strict.

Arizona: With its favorable climate and RV-friendly laws, especially in rural counties, Arizona offers many opportunities for living in an RV on your own property.

Montana: Montana has areas with lenient zoning regulations for RV living, making it possible to reside in an RV on your land, particularly in less populated counties.

Florida: Certain counties in Florida allow RV living on private land, though regulations can vary. Florida's warm climate makes it a popular choice for RV residents.

Nevada: Nevada, known for its vast open spaces and minimal regulations in rural areas, allows individuals to live in an RV on their property in many locations.

Tennessee: In Tennessee, some counties permit living in an RV on your property with specific conditions, making it a viable option for some residents.

Oregon: Oregon offers certain areas where RV living on private land is allowed, particularly in rural and unincorporated areas with more lenient zoning laws.

Georgia: Georgia has counties that permit RV living on private property, especially outside of city jurisdictions where zoning laws are more accommodating.

South Dakota: South Dakota is known for its relaxed residency requirements and has areas where living in an RV on your own land is permissible.

Alaska: Given its vast wilderness and low population density, Alaska provides opportunities for living in an RV on private property, especially in remote areas with fewer regulations.

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