10 Timeless Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Bob asymmetric: 

One side longer than the other gives the bob an edge.

Layered Bob: 

Bobs with soft layers appear elegant and attractive.

Short Curly Bob: 

Get a lively short bob to show off your natural curls.

Side-swept bangs: 

Elegant side-swept bangs can be worn with short haircuts.

Slim and Short: 

A trendy, elegant straight short haircut.

Short and Wavy: 

To look younger, add delicate waves to your short hairdo.

Razor Pixie: 

An easy-to-style razored pixie cut is edgy and textured.

Bob cropped: 

The bob and shag create a fashionable, textured style for ladies over 50.

Messy Pixie:

Tousled pixie cuts are easygoing and youthful.

Tapered Cut: 

A tapered style with short sides and a longer top is classic and low-maintenance.

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