10 Vegetarian Snacks That’ll Keep You Satisfied


Spread almond or peanut butter on banana slices for a delicious and filling snack.


Top a serving of Greek yogurt with mixed berries and a drizzle of honey for a protein-rich and sweet treat.


Dip baby carrots, cucumber slices, bell pepper strips, and cherry tomatoes into hummus for a crunchy and satisfying snack.

Trail Mix:

Make your own trail mix by combining nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and dark chocolate chips for a nutritious and portable snack.

Grain Crackers:

pain crackers for a satisfying snack that combines protein and fiber

Roasted Chickpeas:

Toss cooked chickpeas with olive oil, salt, and your favorite spices, then roast them in the oven until crispy for a crunchy and protein-packed snack.

Avocado Toast:

Mash avocado onto whole grain toast and top with sliced tomatoes, a sprinkle of feta cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze for a satisfying and nutrient-rich snack.

Sushi Rolls:

Roll up sliced avocado, cucumber, carrots, and bell peppers in nori seaweed sheets along with cooked sushi rice for a light and refreshing snack.


Boil or steam edamame and sprinkle with sea salt for a simple and protein-rich snack that's perfect for munching on the go.

Bell Peppers:

Fill halved mini bell peppers with cream cheese or hummus and sprinkle with everything bagel seasoning for a flavorful and satisfying snack option.


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