10 Voluminous Hairstyles That Prove Bigger Is Better



Modern Curls: Embrace big, bouncy curls that are modernized by keeping frizz at bay and maintaining a soft, touchable texture..


Teased Roots with Full Lengths: Achieve major volume by teasing the roots and letting the rest of the hair fall in full, flowing waves.


Full Fringe: Curly bangs add volume and a playful touch. Parting the front layers to fall over one eye enhances the coquettish vibe​.


Ponytail with Clip-In Extensions: Transform a simple ponytail by adding clip-in extensions and teasing the hair gently for a fuller look​.


Voluminous Low Bun: This updo combines elegance and volume. Twist and pull at the crown for a relaxed, textured look that's perfect for weddings or formal events​.


Half Bun: A voluminous half bun adds height and dimension while keeping the rest of the hair long and flowing. It's an easy, chic style that can be dressed up or down.


Brigitte Bardot Bun: This playful, airy bun is full of volume and texture, with fringe locks adding body and dynamism. It's a timeless style that's back in vogue.


Textured Crown Braid: A crown braid with added texture creates a romantic, voluminous look that's ideal for special occasions.


High Woven Bun with Pearls: Inspired by 90s updos, this high bun incorporates woven textures and pearl pins for a sophisticated and voluminous bridal look​.


Loose Braids: Keep your braids loose and pull out a few strands to create volume. This simple technique adds a stylishly undone, voluminous effect to your hair​.