Top 7 Beautiful Caladium Varieties

Caladium 'Red Flash'

This variety features large, heart-shaped leaves with bright red centers and green margins, creating a bold and eye-catching display.

Caladium 'White Christmas'

Known for its elegant white leaves with green veins, this variety adds a touch of sophistication and lightens up shaded garden areas or indoor spaces.

Carolyn Whorton

This variety boasts pink leaves with dark green edges and prominent red veins, offering a vibrant and colorful addition to any garden or indoor setting.

Fannie Munson

 With deep pink leaves and striking dark green borders, this variety is perfect for adding a pop of color and contrast to your plant collection.

Caladium 'Aaron'

This variety has white leaves with green margins and subtle pink veins, providing a delicate and attractive look that's ideal for shaded areas.

Freida Hemple

Featuring bright red leaves with green edges and a hint of white veining, this variety stands out with its vivid and contrasting colors.

Florida Sweetheart

This compact variety has rich pink leaves with dark green borders and veins, making it a great choice for smaller spaces or containers.

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