7 Beautiful Fern Varieties To Grow In Your Garden This Year

Japanese Painted Fern

Known for its silvery-green fronds with purple accents, this fern adds a touch of elegance to shaded areas.

Maidenhair Fern

With delicate, lacy fronds and a graceful appearance, maidenhair ferns thrive in moist, shady conditions.

Boston Fern

This classic fern features arching fronds and is well-suited for hanging baskets or as a ground cover in shaded areas.

Autumn Fern

As its name suggests, the autumn fern's new fronds emerge coppery-orange before maturing to a glossy green, adding seasonal interest to the garden.

Lady Fern 

With soft, feathery fronds and a clumping growth habit, lady ferns are excellent for woodland gardens or moist, shady areas.

Japanese Holly Fern

This fern features glossy, holly-like fronds that add texture and contrast to shaded garden beds.

Ostrich Fern 

Known for its tall, upright fronds resembling ostrich plumes, this fern creates a dramatic focal point in damp, shaded areas.

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