7 Best Foundation Plants For The Front Of Your House


Boxwoods are versatile, evergreen shrubs that can be shaped into neat hedges or left to grow naturally, providing year-round structure and greenery.


With their large, showy blooms, hydrangeas add a burst of color and elegance to foundation plantings, and they come in various colors and sizes to suit different spaces.


Azaleas offer vibrant spring blooms and lush foliage, making them excellent for adding seasonal interest and color to your home's foundation.


These shade-loving perennials have attractive foliage and come in a variety of leaf colors and patterns, ideal for planting in shaded areas near the house.

Japanese Maple

Small varieties of Japanese maple provide striking foliage color and delicate texture, creating a focal point in foundation plantings.


Spirea shrubs have a compact growth habit and produce clusters of small flowers in spring or summer, adding charm and texture to the landscape.


Junipers are hardy evergreens available in various shapes and sizes, perfect for adding year-round greenery and structure to foundation plantings.

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