7 Fall Flower Box Ideas To Dress Up Your Windows

Chrysanthemums And Pansies

Combine hardy chrysanthemums in shades of red, orange, and yellow with cheerful pansies in complementary colors for a classic fall look.

Ornamental Kale

Use ornamental kale and cabbage for their interesting textures and rich hues of purple, green, and white, adding a bold statement to your window boxes.

Asters And Sedum

Plant asters in vibrant shades of pink, purple, and blue alongside sedum, which offers beautiful fall blooms and succulent foliage.

Heuchera And Ivy

Heuchera, with its colorful foliage ranging from deep burgundy to bright lime green, pairs well with trailing ivy for a sophisticated, textured display.

Violas And Swiss Chard

Mix colorful violas with Swiss chard, which not only provides vibrant leaf color but also adds an edible element to your window box.

Snapdragons And Euphorbia

Snapdragons offer tall spikes of flowers in various fall colors, while euphorbia adds airy, delicate blooms and foliage.


Rudbeckia, with its bold yellow and orange flowers, pairs beautifully with the feathery plumes of fountain grass for a dynamic and natural look.

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