7 Fast Growing Perennials That Will Fill Your Garden In A Flash

Black-Eyed Susan

These bright yellow flowers with dark centers are vigorous growers, spreading rapidly to fill garden spaces.


Known for their colorful blooms and hardiness, daylilies multiply quickly, creating lush, full displays.


This plant produces an abundance of bright yellow or pink flowers and spreads easily, making it a great choice for filling in gaps.

Shasta Daisy

With their classic white petals and yellow centers, Shasta daisies grow rapidly and can quickly cover large areas.

Bee Balm

 Bee balm spreads quickly through rhizomes, producing vibrant, tubular flowers that attract pollinators.


Also known as stonecrop, sedum is a succulent that spreads easily and can quickly cover ground with its fleshy leaves and colorful blooms.

Russian Sage

This plant grows rapidly and produces tall, airy spikes of lavender-blue flowers, creating a striking effect in the garden.

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