7 Flowers That Bloom All Summer Long


Known for their vibrant, trumpet-shaped blooms, petunias thrive in full sun and come in a variety of colors, blooming continuously throughout the summer.


These hardy plants offer bright, long-lasting blooms and can tolerate heat and dry conditions, making them perfect for summer gardens.


With their bright, daisy-like flowers, zinnias are easy to grow and provide continuous blooms in a variety of colors from early summer to fall.


Renowned for their cheerful yellow, orange, and red flowers, marigolds are heat-tolerant and bloom all summer long.


These daisy-like flowers, often in shades of yellow and pink, are drought-tolerant and bloom profusely throughout the summe


With clusters of small, multi-colored flowers, lantanas are heat and drought-tolerant, providing constant blooms in sunny locations.

Black Eyed Susans

These hardy perennials feature bright yellow petals with dark centers and bloom continuously from early summer to fall.

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