7 Plants To Grow Alongside Your Bell Peppers To Keep Them Happy


Basil repels aphids, spider mites, and mosquitoes while improving the flavor of bell peppers. It's a great companion plant for many vegetables.


Marigolds deter nematodes and aphids, helping to keep your pepper plants healthy. Their bright flowers also attract beneficial pollinators.


Onions and other alliums, such as garlic and chives, repel aphids, slugs, and other pests that can damage bell peppers.


Spinach grows quickly and can be harvested before bell peppers need more space, providing ground cover and reducing weed competition.


Carrots have deep roots that can help break up the soil, improving drainage and soil structure for bell peppers. They also do not compete heavily for nutrients.


 These flowers attract aphids away from bell peppers and can serve as a trap crop. They also attract pollinators and add a splash of color to the garden.


Lettuce grows well in the shade of taller pepper plants, helping to suppress weeds and retain soil moisture while not competing much for nutrients.

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