8 Best Plants To Grow In Your Terrarium


With its colorful, veined leaves, Fittonia adds a vibrant touch and thrives in the high humidity of terrariums.


Compact and easy to care for, Pilea features attractive, silvery foliage and thrives in low to medium light


These small, diverse plants have striking foliage patterns and colors, making them ideal for terrariums.


Varieties like maidenhair and button ferns do well in terrariums due to their preference for moist, humid environments.


Mosses, such as sheet moss and mood moss, are perfect for adding a lush, green carpet to your terrarium.

Air Plants

These epiphytes don’t need soil and can be placed decoratively within the terrarium, adding a unique touch.

Spider Plant

Easy to grow and tolerant of various conditions, spider plants are great for adding greenery.


Certain small succulents like Haworthia and Echeveria can thrive in terrariums with well-draining soil and careful watering.

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