8 Easy Ideas  For Landscaping With Shrubs

Foundation Plantings

Use shrubs like boxwood or holly around the base of your home to soften edges, add structure, and enhance curb appeal.

Hedge Rows

Plant shrubs such as privet or yew to create natural fences or privacy screens, defining property lines and providing a green backdrop.

Mixed Borders

Combine flowering shrubs like hydrangeas or azaleas with perennials and annuals for a dynamic and colorful garden bed.

Accent Plants

Use striking shrubs like Japanese maple or dwarf conifers as focal points in your garden to draw the eye and add interest.

Erosion Control

Plant hardy, spreading shrubs like juniper or creeping rosemary on slopes to prevent soil erosion and stabilize the ground.

Container Shrubs

Use compact shrubs like dwarf lilac or boxwood in decorative pots for patios and entryways, providing greenery and structure.

Pathway Edging

Line garden paths with low-growing shrubs like lavender or dwarf spirea to define walkways and add fragrance and color.

Seasonal Interest

Choose shrubs like witch hazel or winterberry that offer blooms, berries, or colorful foliage in different seasons for year-round beauty.

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