8 Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Low Bun with Twist: Create a low bun at the nape of your neck and add a twist for an elegant and effortless look.

Half-Up Twist: Take two sections of hair from each side, twist them, and secure them at the back of your head for a chic half-up hairstyle.

Messy Side Braid: Braid your hair to one side and gently pull apart the strands to create a messy, bohemian-inspired look.

Sleek Ponytail: Gather your hair into a sleek ponytail at the crown of your head for a polished and sophisticated hairstyle.

Twisted Crown Braid: Part your hair down the middle, create two braids, and wrap them around your head like a crown, securing them with bobby pins for a regal look.

Loose Waves: Curl your hair with a curling wand and gently tousle the curls for soft, romantic waves that are perfect for a wedding.

Braided Updo: Braid sections of your hair and twist them into an updo, securing them with bobby pins for a stylish and intricate hairstyle..

Side Swept Curls: Part your hair to the side and curl it with a curling iron, sweeping it to one side for a glamorous and sophisticated look that frames your face.

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