8 Flowers You Should Plant With Your Vegetables


These bright flowers repel many pests, including nematodes and aphids, and attract beneficial insects like ladybugs.


Nasturtiums deter aphids, whiteflies, and squash bugs. Their peppery flowers and leaves are also edible.


Known for attracting pollinators and beneficial insects like hoverflies, calendula also helps repel pests such as aphids.


This herb attracts pollinators and beneficial insects, improves soil health, and is said to enhance the flavor of tomatoes when planted nearby.


Tall and sturdy, sunflowers provide a natural trellis for climbing plants like beans and attract pollinators and birds that feed on pests.


These flowers attract beneficial insects such as lacewings and parasitic wasps, which help control pest populations.


Zinnias attract pollinators and predatory insects like ladybugs and hoverflies, which help keep pest populations under control.


This low-growing flower attracts beneficial insects like predatory wasps and provides ground cover to help suppress weeds.

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