8 Fruit Trees You Can Actually Grow Indoors

Meyer Lemon

This tree is compact and highly fragrant, producing sweet lemons that are perfect for indoor growth

Calamondin Orange

It bears small, tart citrus fruits and thrives in indoor environments with plenty of light.

Dwarf Banana

Produces small, sweet bananas and can adapt well to indoor conditions with proper humidity.

Dwarf Pomegranate

A small, ornamental tree that produces edible pomegranates and adds beauty to any indoor space.

Dwarf Mulberry

Compact and fruitful, it provides tasty mulberries even in limited indoor space.


Although slow-growing, with patience, you can enjoy home-grown avocados indoors.

Dwarf Lime

Perfect for adding a citrusy zest to your home, it produces limes in small, indoor-friendly sizes.


Produces small, sweet, and tangy fruits that are perfect for indoor gardening.

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