8 Gorgeous Orange Perennials To Enhance Your Garden


Vibrant orange flowers that bloom profusely throughout summer, available in various shades.

Black Eyed Susan

Bright yellow-orange petals with a dark center, attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Butterfly Weed

Clusters of bright orange flowers that attract butterflies and support pollinators.


Varieties like 'Tangerine Dream' offer stunning orange blooms, drought-tolerant and easy to grow.


Totally Tangerine' and other varieties offer long-lasting orange blooms on compact plants.


'Mardi Gras' and other Helenium varieties showcase rich orange-red flowers, great for late summer color.


Tall spikes of orange, tubular flowers that add drama and height to borders.

Blanket Flower

'Arizona Sun' and other Gaillardia varieties offer bold orange-red blooms with a striking center pattern.

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