8 Ground Cover Plants You Should Grow Instead Of Grass

Creeping Thyme

This low-growing herb is fragrant, attracts pollinators, and can handle light foot traffic, making it a practical and aromatic ground cover.


A succulent that thrives in dry conditions, it provides excellent coverage with minimal maintenance and adds texture to rock gardens.

Creeping Jenny

Known for its bright green, trailing foliage, it quickly spreads to cover large areas and adds a vibrant touch to the garden.


This hardy plant improves soil health by fixing nitrogen, while also attracting bees with its small, fragrant flowers.


Often called lilyturf, it features grass-like evergreen foliage and attractive purple flower spikes, providing year-round interest.


With colorful foliage and attractive blue flower spikes, it forms a dense mat that suppresses weeds and adds visual interest.


Evergreen and shade-loving, it forms a dense, low-maintenance carpet that is perfect for under trees and in other shady areas.

Ice Plant

A succulent that thrives in full sun, it features vibrant, daisy-like flowers and is highly drought-tolerant, making it perfect for dry, sunny spots.

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