8 Manners That Are Fading Fast, Putting the Blame Squarely on Parents

Thank You Notes: Expressing gratitude with handwritten thank you notes is becoming less common, impacting appreciation and courtesy.

Table Manners: Proper etiquette at the table, like using utensils correctly and chewing with mouth closed, is declining due to lack of emphasis at home.

Respect for Elders: Teaching children to respect elders and address them politely is less prioritized, affecting intergenerational relationships.

Punctuality: Being on time is fading as schedules become more flexible, impacting respect for others' time.

Phone Etiquette: Polite phone manners, such as answering calls promptly and speaking respectfully, are eroding with increased digital communication.

Introducing Oneself: Proper introduction etiquette, including making eye contact and offering a firm handshake, is less emphasized, impacting social skills.

Saying Please and Thank You: Basic politeness like saying please and thank you is declining, affecting everyday interactions.

Listening Skills: Active listening and engaging in meaningful conversations are fading with the rise of distractions, impacting communication skills.

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