8 Natural Way To Keep Slugs Off Your Precious Flowers

Crushed Eggshells

Scatter these around plants; the sharp edges create a physical barrier that slugs avoid.

Copper Tape

Wrap around pots or garden beds; slugs receive a mild electric shock from the copper, deterring them.

Coffee Grounds

Sprinkle around plants; the caffeine is toxic to slugs and the rough texture irritates their soft bodies.

Beer Traps

Place shallow dishes of beer in the garden; slugs are attracted to the beer, fall in, and drown.

Diatomaceous Earth

Spread around plants; it dehydrates and kills slugs by damaging their soft exoskeletons.

Garlic Spray

Mix garlic with water and spray on plants; the pungent odor repels slugs effectively.

Hand Picking

Collect slugs by hand in the early morning or evening when they are most active, and remove them from the garden.


Introduce beneficial nematodes to the soil; they infect and kill slugs, providing a natural form of pest control.

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