8 Plants That Improve Soil Quality, According To Gardening Experts


This legume enriches soil by fixing nitrogen from the air, improving soil fertility and supporting plant growth.


Its deep roots pull up nutrients, which are then released into the soil through its decaying leaves, enhancing soil quality.


Grows quickly, improving soil structure and adding organic matter when turned back into the soil.

Hairy Vetch

Fixes nitrogen and provides ground cover, adding organic matter and preventing erosion.


Deep roots break up compacted soil, improve aeration, and add nitrogen through its decomposed plant material.


Acts as a biofumigant to suppress soil-borne pests and diseases while adding organic matter.

Daikon Radish

Its long taproots penetrate and break up hard soils, enhancing aeration and drainage.


Attracts pollinators and beneficial insects, and its leaves add trace minerals to the soil when they decompose.

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