8 Plants With Spiritual Significance To Native Americans


Sage is used in purification rituals and smudging ceremonies to cleanse spaces, individuals, and objects of negative energy.


Sweetgrass is burned or braided into strands and used in ceremonial smudging to attract positive energies and blessings.


Cedar is used for purification and protection, often burned or used in sweat lodge ceremonies to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit.

White Sage

White sage is highly revered for its cleansing and purifying properties, commonly used in smudging rituals to remove negative energies and promote spiritual balance.


Corn is a sacred plant symbolizing abundance, fertility, and sustenance, and it plays a central role in many Native American ceremonies and traditions.


Juniper is used for purification and protection, similar to cedar, and is often burned during sacred ceremonies to ward off negative influences.


Bearberry is associated with healing, protection, and spiritual strength, and it is used in ceremonies for grounding and connecting with the earth.

Wild Rose

Wild roses are symbols of love, beauty, and spirituality, often used in ceremonies and as offerings to honor ancestors and spirits.

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