8 Plants You Should Never Grow Next To Each Other

Tomatoes And Corn

Both attract similar pests like the corn earworm and tomato fruitworm, which can easily spread between them.

Carrots And Dill

Dill can stunt carrot growth and produce chemicals that inhibit their development.

Onions And Beans

Onions release chemicals that inhibit bean growth and can stunt their development.

Cabbage And Strawberries

Cabbage can attract pests and diseases that can harm strawberry plants.

Peppers And Beans

Beans can hinder the growth of pepper plants by competing for nutrients and space.

Garlic And Asparagus

Garlic can release compounds that inhibit asparagus growth and development.

Potatoes And Sunflower

Sunflowers can inhibit potato growth due to their allelopathic effects.

Cucumbers And Aromatic Herbs

Aromatic herbs like sage can inhibit cucumber growth and attract pests harmful to cucumbers.

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