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8 Rental Property Makeover Decoration Ideas

Hang plants from a clothes rail in a kitchen-dining area. This creative and affordable concept will look fresh and lovely without sacrificing light.

Kitchen Dining Zone

A tablecloth will protect rental furniture and brighten a bland room with no effort.Wipeable vinyl is convenient for daily usage, while colorful cotton is fashionable for social events.

Table Linens Add Color

If you can't wallpaper walls, embellish furniture. Peel-and-stick wallpaper can be cut to size to remodel plain drawers and cupboards. This works well for lining open shelving backs also.

Wallpaper The Furniture

Make your study place look organized and lovely with matching stationery. Your desk can be updated with new folders and pen holders in matching colors without going back to college.

Buy Chic Stationery

A modular sofa is ideal for rental seating because it adapts to new settings. Sectioning makes moving easier also. Visit our sofa shopping guide for practical tips.

Choose Modular Seats

A stylish big pegboard can organize your rental kitchen. It's ideal for hanging lots of objects without damaging the wall and keeping kitchenware handy.

Smart Kitchen Storage

Start the pre-party with a cocktail lounge drinks trolley. When hosting visitors, bring in gorgeous glassware, unusual bottles, and candles to create a social mood.

Roll In A Drinks Trolley

Select art and picture frames that stand alone or lean safely against walls to reduce wall damage. Pictures ledges are useful since their little lip secures stuff.

Picture Frames

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