8 Signs Your Adult Child Is Taking Advantage Of You

Financial Dependence: They continuously ask for money or expect you to cover their expenses without making efforts to become financially independent.

Lack of Contribution: They live with you but do not contribute to household chores, bills, or responsibilities, expecting you to take care of everything.

Entitlement: They have a sense of entitlement, expecting you to provide for their needs and wants without showing gratitude or reciprocation.

Manipulative Behavior: They use guilt trips, emotional blackmail, or manipulation to get what they want from you.

No Effort to Improve: Despite your support, they make no effort to improve their situation, such as finding a job, pursuing education, or managing their finances better.

Frequent Crises: They constantly have emergencies or crises that require your assistance, often due to their own irresponsible behavior.

Ignoring Boundaries: They disregard your boundaries and personal space, assuming you will always be available to meet their demands.

Strained Relationships: Their actions create tension and strain in your relationships with other family members or friends, as they prioritize their needs over the well-being of the household.

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