8 Things You Should Never Cook In Cast-Iron Skillet

Avoid cooking highly acidic foods like tomatoes, vinegar-based sauces, or citrus fruits directly in a cast-iron skillet as they can reac

Acidic Foods

Delicate fish like flaky white fish can stick to the surface of a cast-iron skillet, making it challenging to cook without breaking apart.

Delicate Fish

While some people successfully cook eggs in cast iron, it can be tricky to prevent sticking, especially for dishes like scrambled eggs or omelets.


Melting cheese directly in a cast-iron skillet can lead to sticking and difficulty in cleaning, particularly for softer cheeses.


Thin cuts of meat can easily overcook or become tough when cooked in a cast-iron skillet due to the intense heat retention.

Thin Cuts Of Meat

Cooking high-sugar foods like caramel or desserts directly in a cast-iron skillet can lead to caramelization and sticking, making cleanup difficult.

High-Sugar Foods

Avoid boiling liquids or making soups directly in a cast-iron skillet as it can lead to staining and affect the seasoning of the skillet.

Boiling Liquids

Fish with skin can stick to the skillet, and the skin may tear or stick, affecting the presentation and texture of the fish.

Fish With Skin

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