9 Best Skin Care Ingredient Checkers

INCI Decoder: This website decodes ingredient lists from skincare products, providing detailed information on each ingredient's function, safety, and potential benefits or risks.

CosDNA: CosDNA offers an extensive database where you can input a product's ingredients to see potential irritants, comedogenicity, and safety ratings.

EWG’s Skin Deep: The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database rates cosmetic ingredients based on safety.

Beautypedia: Created by Paula’s Choice, Beautypedia reviews skincare products and their ingredients, providing science-backed evaluations and ratings.

Think Dirty: This mobile app allows you to scan product barcodes to see ingredient information and safety ratings.

Cosmetify: Cosmetify provides ingredient analysis and comparisons for a wide range of beauty products. It helps you understand what’s in your products and find safer alternatives if needed.

Yuka: Yuka is a mobile app that scans product barcodes to provide health and safety ratings for skincare and food products.

Skincarisma: Skincarisma allows users to analyze ingredient lists for potential benefits and risks. It also provides community reviews and ratings, offering a comprehensive look at how products perform and their ingredient safety.

Good Face Project: This platform offers detailed ingredient analysis and product recommendations based on safety and efficacy.

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