Abandoned McDonald's Menu Board Reveals How Much Prices

One video of an old McDonald's menu board has gone viral amid customer uproar over rising fast-food costs.

Chris Lockhardt, a YouTuber and photographer, previously posted a video of a closed McDonald's on Adak, Alaska, on an abandoned

military base. The video shows a seemingly undamaged menu with McDonald's prices from the past that will make you double take.

This store sold six Chicken McNuggets for $2.35, a Big Mac for $2.45, and French fries for 99 cents or $1.28, depending on size. It also served

Egg McMuffins for $1.95 and Big Macs with large fries and a medium drink for $4.59. In 2024, a six-piece Chicken McNugget, a Big Mac, and a

small order of fries cost $3.49, $7.49, and $2.49, respectively, at my local McDonald's in Jersey City, NJ. A Big Mac Meal cost $11.59, with tax.

McDonald's prices have been the subject of viral social media posts in the past year. Bespoke Investment Group uploaded a Fairfield, Conn.

McDonald's receipt at the end of January. The receipt indicated two $14.58 Egg McMuffins, or $7.29 each. "What has the world come to?" says the post.

Last summer, a consumer reported that one reststop in Darien, Conn., sold a Big Mac combo for $17.59.

The chain's website states that 90% of McDonald's locations are franchised, therefore menu pricing vary by location.

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