Best Indoor Succulents:  8 Varieties To Grow In Your Home


These striking indoor succulents include the tall Aeonium arboreum, which produces leafy rosettes on sturdy branches and can reach up to 3ft


These compact succulents are loved for their colorful leaf rosettes that resemble tiny waterlilies.


The most famous indoor succulent is aloe vera, whose gel soothes burns, but it's not the prettiest.

String of hearts

The fountain of heart-shaped leaves on slim cascading stems makes this easy-care succulent ideal as an indoor hanging plant in a sunny room.


Almost indestructible, crassulas are the perfect choice for a time-poor indoor gardener.


One of the most popular choice for indoor succulents is the zebra plant (Haworthia attenuata f. caespitosa) which, as the name suggests, features bright white stripes on dark green leaves.


Encompassing a varied group of plants, the most popular Kalanchoe is flaming Katy which has fleshy dark green leave and brightly colored starry flowers in shades of white, yellow, orange, red and pink.


Tiny living stones (Lithops) are among the easiest indoor succulents to care for, their pairs of squat stemless leaves rarely needing watering, even in summer.

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