Burger King confirms Ghost Pepper Fries, Whopper

If you like spicy food, Burger King's new duo may excite you. Today, the fast-food giant announced

the launch of new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries and a re-release of the Ghost Pepper Whopper.

Order the super-hot Whopper at participating stores starting October 12 and while supplies last. It has BK's iconic flame-grilled beef patty, bacon,

crunchy jalapeños, spicy queso, and ghost pepper cheese. The massive burger has a toasted orange bun with black sesame,

distinguishing it from the ordinary Whopper and preventing accidental bites. It's also a wonderful Halloween reference.

The Ghost Pepper Whopper was a limited-time menu item last fall, but the Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries are new. Burger King has previously offered

Fiery Nuggets, but the new version is better. White flesh chicken is gently breaded and seasoned with ghost pepper for each 'fried'. 

The news statement quoted Burger King North America Chief Marketing Officer Pat O'Toole: "We asked Guests if we should bring back the Ghost

Pepper Whopper or add Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries earlier this year. Since the results were split, we're adding both products

to our Halloween menus nationwide to provide guests numerous opportunities to enjoy the appropriate flavor and heat."

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