Eight Top Fruit Trees To Grow In Your Backyard

Apple Trees

Varieties like Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, and Gala are popular for their flavor and versatility in cooking.

Citrus Trees

Lemon, lime, and orange trees thrive in warm climates, offering fresh fruits for culinary and beverage use.

Peach Trees

With varieties like Elberta and Red Haven, peach trees provide juicy fruits perfect for eating fresh or in desserts.

Cherry Trees

Sour and sweet cherry trees like Montmorency and Bing add beauty and delicious fruits to your backyard.

Plum Trees

Japanese plums like Santa Rosa and European plums such as Stanley are excellent choices for jams and baking.

Pear Trees

Varieties like Bartlett and Anjou produce sweet and juicy pears, ideal for snacking and canning.

Fig Trees

Figs like Brown Turkey and Celeste are easy to grow and yield sweet fruits for fresh eating or drying.

Apricot Trees

Early-producing apricot trees like Moorpark and Blenheim offer sweet, flavorful fruits for jams and preserves.

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