Seven Fast Growing Evergreen Trees That Will Be Tall Before You Know It

Leyland Cypress

Rapid growth rate and dense foliage, commonly used for privacy screens.

Dawn Redwood

Surprisingly fast-growing for a deciduous conifer, adding height and beauty to landscapes within a few years

Silver Maple

One of the fastest-growing maples, reaching impressive heights quickly but requires ample space due to its size.

Blue Spruce

While slower than some other evergreens, its growth rate of about 1 foot per year still makes it relatively fast-growing for a spruce tree.

Douglas Fir

A rapid-growing evergreen that can reach towering heights, providing shade and wind protection in a short time

Eastern Redcedar

Known for its fast growth and hardy nature, it's commonly used for creating windbreaks and wildlife habitats.

Arizona Cypress

Thrives in hot, dry climates and can grow up to 3 feet per year, making it a quick solution for adding greenery in arid regions.

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