Is Costco Discontinuing Churros at the Food Court?

Costco's food court has seen many changes this year, most of which have been good for shoppers, from the return of sliced onions to the

launch of strawberry ice cream. Another huge shift is reported to be happening, and some say it's overdue.

A Costco shopper shared a food court rumor on Reddit this week. The shopper's brother, a Costco employee, says the store will replace the food court churro

My brother (Costco employee) told me they were substituting churros at the food court with cookies. Unsure what kind of cookies. I asked if

they were like the bakery ones, but he didn't know. I wondered whether anyone else has heard this rumor or seen traces of it "shopper wrote.

Apparently, this Costco shopper isn't the only one who heard about this adjustment. Another Redditor with insider information confirmed the rumors in the comments.

It's true. The Redditor claimed that they have located a cookie maker and signed agreements.

The Redditor says the new food court cookies will debut early next year. They also said Costco will introduce chocolate ice cream to the food court before summer.

Since Costco hasn't validated these claims, shoppers should be skeptical. The warehouse club rarely addresses rumors and did not immediately confirm

Despite the unconfirmed rumor, many shoppers were delighted about the food court change. Costco temporarily withdrew churros from their 2020 menu

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