McDonald's Double Big Mac Is Officially Back Today

McDonald's fans, rejoice! Wednesday, Jan. 24 saw the return of McDonald's larger Big Mac.

Early this month, McDonald's announced that their enormous Double Big Mac would return on Jan. 24. According to Nation's Restaurant

News, McDonald's last marketed the Double Big Mac in the US in March 2020, over four years ago.

A classic Big Mac has two beef patties, special sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce, chopped onion, and American cheese on a three-tiered sesame

seed bun. The Double Big Mac has two more beef patties and Big Mac sauce than the original.

Did anyone order a glow-up? McDonald's Big Mac will be bigger and spicier in 2024."We have the official scoop," McDonald's announced the Double Big Mac's return

McDonald's unusual Double Big Mac comeback is a burger expansion. In July 2023, McDonald's introduced the Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Quarter

Pounder and Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, marking the last addition to their burger menu. Both choices had limited availability even then.

The Double Big Mac will only be offered at participating Mickey D's restaurants for a limited time, so customers who want to try it better

hurry. The menu item's price was unavailable from McDonald's. On Jan. 24, the Double Big Mac was unavailable on the McDonald's app when I looked for its price.

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