Moe's Is Overhauling Its Menu to Improve Quality

Moe's Southwest Grill introduced two fan-inspired dishes and three new sauces this year. The fast-casual restaurant is experimenting with food again with Project Victory.

This plan intends to enhance the chain's cuisine, service, branding, and shop design.

After testing "more premium ingredients" at over 80 locations, Moe's is revamping its menu. In addition to adding additional burritos, proteins, and sauces by 2023, the restaurant has changed its menu.

Moe's deleted and altered numerous meal items to make room on its menu. It discontinued shredded pork as a "slow-moving product."

A product like that might sit there and become screwed up if a team member doesn't discard or manage it properly, resulting in an inferior product."

Moe also removed cucumbers, combined the grilled onions and peppers into one fajita mix, and heated the corn.

Moe's is exploring novel proteins like birria. This menu item offers "really great" margins compared to steak, and the business sold 20 per day during operating testing.

In addition to menu modifications, Moe's is streamlining operations. It aims to make additional things in-house.

The business will purchase whole-muscle beef and test cut it instead of pre-cut steak. This strategy reduces food manufacturing costs and improves consumer quality.

Another important alteration Moe's made was opening at 10:30 a.m., 30 minutes sooner. 

This increased web traffic between 10 and 11:00 a.m. and brought in three consumers per business each day during that half hour, according to tests.

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