Reese's Just Launched an Adorable New Peanut Butter Cup Shape

Reese's celebrates chocolate and peanut butter. The candy company has made chocolate peanut butter sweets in pumpkins, Christmas trees, and Easter eggs.

Reese's is experimenting again by releasing another sweet shape. Food Instagram @markie_devo reported that Reese's recently made its

peanut butter cup a peanut. The Instagrammer reported that Facebook user Your Snack Dealer saw the sweets near Walmart's checkout area and shared the info.

The new peanut-shaped Reese's comes in standard and "king" sizes, including a two-pack. A company spokeswoman told Allrecipes that

these peanut butter cups are "currently available in select stores for a limited time." This product isn't specific to Walmart, the publication reported.

Reese's lovers were excited at the news, with some preferring their "shapes" to round peanut butter cups on social media.

"Every shape beats the regular cup," one Instagram user told @markie_devo. Another said, "Shapes have the perfect ratio of chocolate

The product label calls the image a "decorating suggestion." Your Snack Dealer commented on Facebook with a snapshot of the new candy without the peanut's

A Florida woman sued Hershey last week for "misleading" Halloween-themed Reese's peanut butter cups advertisement. The complaint

claims the confectionery firm misled purchasers by promising "explicit carved-out artistic designs."

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