Seven Different Ways To Put Salt To Use

A salt and water solution is an effective approach to remove any residue left behind from having flowers in your vase.

Cleaning Vases

Putting a quarter cup of salt in a paper bag with your artificial flowers can clean and restore their appearance.

Cleaning Artificial Flowers

Soaking a broom's bristles in hot saltwater will give it new life while also cleaning it thoroughly.

Give Your Broom A Long Life

Throwing salt at the flames will help the fire die out faster. Additionally, the salt will make cleaning up the ashes the next day much easier.

Clean The Fireplace

Combining salt, flour, and vinegar to make a polish is just as effective as a professional one. Then rinse with water and let dry.


To avoid lasting discoloration, pour some white wine over the red to neutralize the color, then clean with water. After that, apply some salt to the area and let it sit for a few minutes before vacuuming.

Red Wine On The Carpet

Stains left on wood by glasses or bottles can be difficult to remove. However, saltwater can be very useful in this situation.


To extend the life of a sponge, soak it in saltwater overnight. This will remove any accumulation that is making it difficult to move.

Restoring Sponges

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