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Seven Friend Benefits Confirmed By Science

Research reveals that friends are as crucial as food and exercise. Social interaction lowers blood pressure, BMI, inflammation, and diabetes risk.

Improves Health

Since 1939, the Harvard Study of Adult Development has found that connections are the biggest predictor of happiness. Human relationships were the only characteristic that correlated with happiness, according to studies.

Makes You Happier

Social isolation and rejection can activate the same brain regions as physical pain, which increases the chance of death.

Friendship Prolongs Life

You probably can't picture happiness without pals. Because friendship loss disrupts our mental balance. Friends boost self-esteem and encourage us in hard times.

Manage Emotions

Social connections can reduce harmful effects and boost immunity. A study found that those with the most and best social ties were least likely to get sick from a cold virus.

Sociability Reduces Illness

Cash can't purchase good friends, yet success is connected to social skills. The most successful people in life and business connect with others.

Financial Success

Without social connection, our brains panic and fight-or-flight. Stress, worry, and loneliness might result. By providing safety, friendships combat this.

Friendship Provides Safety

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