Subway Is Launching 3 New Footlong Items Soon

Subway said this week that it will add footlong chocolate chip cookies to its permanent menu. Fans can also expect other unusual 12-inch items.

Subway's "Footlong Sidekicks," three footlong menu items including Cinnabon churros, Auntie Anne's pretzels, and the chocolate chip

cookie, will be available nationally, according to Instagram account @snackolator. The fast-food insider reported that a Reddit user originally posted

The advertisement suggests the footlong churro will cost $2, the pretzel $3, and the chocolate chip cookie $5. Some Subway locations charge extra for honey

The footlong churro and pretzel were tested in certain Subway restaurants a few months ago, but Subway has not announced their introduction.

Subway is continually exploring new ingredients and menu items to improve food and customer experience as part of its reinvention.

Guest will be delighted to hear that we are unveiling some new menu improvements early next year

"A foot-long Auntie Annie pretzel? For 3!?! 1 spent $8 on mall pretzel bits. I'm going to be a subway pretzel girl "Instagram user. "These prices make me feel like 2007 again,

On National Cookie Day, Dec. 4, Subway gave customers an early preview of the new footlong chocolate chip cookie at select stores. The

cookies were sold in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and NYC. The chain turned these four sites into "Cookieway" pop-up eateries offering complimentary footlong chocolate chip cookies

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