The 10 Best Shoes for People With Flat Feet, According to Experts

Arch Support:

Look for shoes with adequate arch support to help support the natural arch of the foot and reduce overpronation.

Motion Control:

Shoes with motion control features help stabilize the foot and prevent excessive rolling inward (pronation) that can occur in flat feet.

Stability Shoes:

These shoes provide a good balance of cushioning and support, helping to maintain proper foot alignment.

Wide Toe Box:

A wide toe box allows for natural toe splay and can accommodate orthotic inserts if needed.

Firm Heel Counter:

A firm heel counter provides stability and helps to control excessive foot motion.

Removable Insoles:

Shoes with removable insoles allow you to customize the fit with orthotic inserts or arch supports.


Look for shoes with adequate cushioning to provide shock absorption and reduce impact on the feet.

Durable Outsole

A durable and supportive outsole provides traction and stability, especially important for walking or standing for long periods.

Breathable Materials:

Shoes made from breathable materials help keep feet cool and dry, reducing the risk of discomfort or skin issues.


Depending on your activity level, choose shoes specifically designed for walking, running, or general everyday wear that incorporate the above features.